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ronnies - Buzznet

O, Buzzeo, Buzzeo. Wherefore art thou, Buzzeo? I miss Buzznet and all of its Buzzers. Alas, I am back to the land of the truly rad…
Ronnie Ron
Ronnie Ron Jan 18, 2012
What I Wore Last Weekpic

What I Wore Last Week

Kinda slow at posting this but meh. This isn't even a good picture of the outfit but my brother snapped it so I figured I'd share…
Ronnie Ron
Ronnie Ron Jun 26, 2011
Evolution of Gagapic

Evolution of Gaga

What's your favorite look?
Ronnie Ron
Ronnie Ron May 18, 2011

UPDATE from Kerli

(source)   My mother and her boyfriend are in town for the first time since I’ve moved here and I’ve been trying to show them a good…
Ronnie Ron
Ronnie Ron May 16, 2011

Kerli on Mothers Day

(source)   I know that I’m a couple of days late but I wanted to do a special little post about the true heroes of the world…
Ronnie Ron
Ronnie Ron May 16, 2011
Art by Katiepic

Art by Katie

Check out more of her stuff here!
Ronnie Ron
Ronnie Ron May 16, 2011

What Style Should Audrey Pick for her Shoot With Kerli??

Next week Audrey is going to do a photoshoot with Kerli! She's going to style the shoot using some of my favorite photos from magazines…
Ronnie Ron
Ronnie Ron May 14, 2011 Originally by audrey

3 Questions, 3 Answers

(source) Soo, we’ve been waiting for about 2 and a half year on your second album. How is it all going? What have you planned? I’m…
Ronnie Ron
Ronnie Ron May 04, 2011
Ronnie Ron
Ronnie Ron May 04, 2011

One Day in Kerli's Life

(source) I thought it would be fun to take notes and pictures throughout a day and share it with you. This is pretty much what my…
Ronnie Ron
Ronnie Ron Apr 25, 2011
Kerli Club Luckypic

Twitterview with Kerli

(source) Kerli: Hey cambioconnect <3 Cambio: Great to have you with us! Hope you enjoyed the shopping experience! K: Hell yes! shopping with u guys was so much…
Ronnie Ron
Ronnie Ron Apr 13, 2011
Something about the way it looks, the way it sounds I know I can't turn it down.pic
Kerli and Brianne shoppingpic

Kerli and Brianne shopping

Brianne was the lucky winner of the Shopping Spree with Kerli contest! Video coming soon.
Ronnie Ron
Ronnie Ron Apr 11, 2011

Two Questions and Two Answers with Kerli

Did you see your self making bubblegoth when you where younger? Like did you know that this is the kind of music you where gonna…
Ronnie Ron
Ronnie Ron Apr 11, 2011

Keri's Busy Weekend!

Me and my friends drove out to perform at the White Party yesterday and Man, it was the shit.<3 My 2 Estonian girlfriends came to…
Ronnie Ron
Ronnie Ron Apr 11, 2011
Vince Neil?pic
Ronnie Ron
Ronnie Ron Apr 10, 2011

Kerli Performs At The Placehouse On April 7, 2011

Last night, Kerli closed out the RAW Artist Showcase at the Placehouse in Los Angeles. 20110408025341
Ronnie Ron
Ronnie Ron Apr 09, 2011
Six cycle carousel.pic

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Ronnie Ron Apr 06, 2011

My Life.. in a Movie

If you could have a movie made about your life, who would you want to play you and the people closest to you? What would…
Ronnie Ron
Ronnie Ron Apr 02, 2011
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Falling off of the planet

Favorite TV Shows:

America's Next Top Model, Cold Case, Fresh Prince, Most of the stuff on TV these days is crapppp., Saved by the Bell., The Nanny, mainly 90's sitcoms

Favorite Books:

The Carter House Girls by Melody Carlson, The Opposite of Invisible by Liz Gallagher., This Present Darkness by Frank Peretti, so many that I don't remember the names of.